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Filter element material characteristics analysis, help you effectively select filtration equipment
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In the industrial, chemical and other industry equipment are inseparable from the filtration equipment, effective filtration will help the equipment components to achieve a prolonged service life effect, maintenance, reduce the burden of equipment work. However, the filter on different systems is not the same, and it is necessary to determine the filter you will choose according to the filtered medium and environment. Today, let's analyze the difference between the filter material.

The material of filter element is divided into: **, chemical fiber, metal mesh, metal powder sintering, PP filter element, wire gap, activated carbon and so on. Filter element according to the use of media is divided into: air filter element, water filter element, oil filter element. According to the hydraulic system, it is divided into: oil suction filter, pipeline filter and oil return filter. Among them, the water filter element consists of wire wound filter element, PP melt-blown filter element, folding filter element and large flow filter element.

PP melt-blown filter element:

Features: The outer fiber is thick, the inner fiber is fine, the outer layer is loose, and the inner layer is tight with gradual diameter and gradual tightening structure. The unique gradient deep filtration has formed the three-dimensional filter slag effect, which has the characteristics of high porosity, good retention rate, large absorption of pollution, large flow rate and low pressure drop. PP melt-blown filter element has good cleanliness and no pollution to water quality. Resistant to acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion. PP melt-blown filter element strength is large, when the filter inlet and outlet pressure difference is 0.4Mpa, the filter element is not deformed.

Function: The filtration accuracy is divided into 1 micron and 5 micron. The raw water is initially filtered to remove suspended matter, sediment, rust, colloids and other substances in the water to form RO film water intake requirements.

Winding filter element:

Material: Its yarn materials are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, absorbent cotton fiber, etc.

Features: It is made of textile fiber yarn with good filtering performance precisely wound on the porous skeleton. By controlling the winding tightness and thin density of the yarn, the filter element with different precision can be made.

Function: It can remove suspended matter and particle impurities in water.

Folding filter element:

Material: The precision filter device is made of polypropylene thermal spray fiber film, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene microporous filter film, etc.

Features: The sealing of the end cover of the filter element and the overall structure are connected by hot melt bonding, which has the advantages of small volume, large filtration area and high precision. Function: Filtration accuracy from 0.1 micron to 60 micron. It can remove visible particles and suspended solids in water.


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