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Do you know what are the commonly used industrial filter elements?
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First, wire wound filter element

It is made of textile fiber yarn with good filtration performance precisely wound on the porous skeleton. It has high filtration precision, large flow, small pressure difference, high pressure strength, large amount of pollution, non-toxic and tasteless, and no secondary pollution. It is mainly used in the filtration field of water, food industry and chemical industry, and can effectively remove suspended matter and particles in the liquid.

Second, PP filter element

Also known as meltblow filter, it is a kind of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene as raw material, after heating and melting, spraying, traction, receiving molding and made of filter material. pp filter element has a deep filter structure of uniform pore size, thin outside and dense inside, and has the excellent characteristics of high filtration efficiency and acid and alkali resistance. It is mainly used in drinking water and food industry, water treatment and other related systems.

Third, activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filter is made of high quality fruit shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon as raw materials, supplemented by edible grade adhesives, using high-tech technology and processed by special technology. It can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effect of decolorization and odor removal, and is an ideal new generation of products in the liquid and air purification industry.

Fourth, ceramic filter element

Ceramic filter because of the selection of pure natural physical materials, it will retain beneficial minerals in water, while effectively removing mud sand, rust, no blockage, and long service life, good filtration effect. It is mainly used in water purifiers, bottled water and water supply industries, and can also be applied to other occasions with corresponding requirements for water quality supply.

Five, resin filter element

Resin filter element is a kind of porous and insoluble material. It has a good adsorption of organic matter, can filter particles, impurities, has a good odor removal effect. It is mainly used for separation and extraction of hard water softening, desalted water, pure water rare elements refining, etc.


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