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What is a backwash filter?
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Backwash filter, also known as backwash filter or backwash filter, is a common industrial filtration equipment, its main function is to remove solid particles and dirt on the filter through the reverse flow of cleaning media. Backwash filter is suitable for the treatment of various liquids and gases, widely used in water treatment, sewage treatment, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food and other fields.

Working principle of backwash filter. It contains a filter element, and the filter element is filled with filter media, such as sand, coal, ceramics, stainless steel mesh, etc. When liquid or gas passes through the filter element, solid particles and dirt will be intercepted in the pores on the surface or inside the filter element, so that the filter element is gradually blocked. When the pressure difference of the filter element reaches a certain degree or after a certain time, the filter needs to be backwashed.

The backwash operation generally consists of the following steps:

1. Close the import and export valve: First, close the import and export valve to stop the flow of liquid or gas.

2. Reverse flow: Then, through a backwash device, the cleaning medium is injected into the filter in a reverse flow, and the direction of flow is opposite to that of normal filtration. This reverse flowing medium washes the pores on the surface and inside of the filter element, flushing out solid particles and dirt, thereby restoring the filtration efficiency of the filter element.

3. Discharge of dirt: The cleaning medium carries the solid particles and dirt washed out, flows to the waste room or sewage pipe, and drains the system through the sewage valve.

4. Recovery of filtration: After backwashing, the solid particles and dirt on the surface of the filter element are effectively removed, the blocked state of the filter is lifted, and the import and export valve can be reopened to continue the normal filtration operation.

Key features and benefits of backwash filters include:

1. Automatic operation: Many backwash filters are equipped with intelligent control systems, which can achieve automatic operation according to set parameters and conditions, without manual intervention, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

2. Filtration: Through backwashing operation, maintain the filtration state of the filter element, high filtration efficiency and good filtration effect of the filter.

3. Through regular backwash cleaning, the service life of the filter element is extended, and the replacement frequency and maintenance cost of the filter element are reduced.

4. Strong adaptability: Backwash filter is suitable for dealing with various liquids and gases, and has strong adaptability to meet the filtration needs of different fields.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with disposable filter filter equipment, backwashing filter does not need to replace the filter element frequently, reducing the generation of solid waste, in line with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

6. High flow processing capacity: The backwash filter has a large processing capacity, can adapt to high flow filtration requirements, reduce the volume and footprint of the filtration system.

Although backwash filters have many advantages, there are some issues to be aware of:

1. Backwash frequency: too frequent backwash operation may cause damage to the filter element, which may lead to a decrease in filter efficiency. Therefore, the backwashing frequency needs to be reasonably set according to the actual situation and the state of the filter medium.

2. Filter element selection: Different filter media are suitable for different liquids and gases, and appropriate filter material and model need to be selected according to filtration requirements.

3. Filter media maintenance: Check and maintain the filter media regularly to ensure that it is in good working condition and ensure the effectiveness of backwashing.

Overall, the backwash filter is an intelligent and energy-saving and environmentally friendly filtration equipment, which removes solid particles and dirt on the filter element through the reverse flow of the cleaning medium, so as to achieve continuous filtration operation. Its adaptability makes it widely used in many industrial fields, providing a reliable filtration solution for the production process.


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