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Air filter DSWKL-104W

Air filter DSWKL-104W

The hydraulic air filter is a hydraulic appendage of the hydraulic system, and its structure is composed of two parts: air filtration and refueling filtration, which is directly installed on the cover plate of the fuel tank

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Product presentation

Material: Carbon steel/aluminum

Working pressure: 0.1MPa

Working medium: air

Suitable for: liquid tank

Hydraulic air filter is a hydraulic attachment of the hydraulic system, its structure is composed of two parts of air filtration and refueling filtration, directly installed on the cover of the tank, that is, can filter the dust brought into the tank by the air when the hydraulic system is working, and can filter the particles of debris brought into the refueling process, thus simplifying the structure of the tank and conducive to the purification of the oil.

Performance: The hydraulic air filter has the characteristics of stable filtration accuracy, high strength, strong plasticity, convenient disassembly and washing, and can withstand thermal stress and impact and work normally at high temperature.

How it works: When the hydraulic system works, the liquid level in the oil tank rises and falls, the air is discharged from the inside out when it rises, and the air is inhaled from the outside in when it falls. In order to purify the air in the oil tank, the air filter installed on the cover plate of the oil tank can filter the inhaled air. At the same time, the air filter is the refueling port of the oil tank, and the newly injected working oil enters the oil tank through the filter. It can filter out the pollutant particles in the oil.

Usage: In the hydraulic system, the purification of working oil is a very important link. The hydraulic air filter can keep the oil in the tank clean, play a role in extending the working cycle and service life of the oil and components, so as to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. In addition, when the hydraulic system is working, the air filter can maintain the balance between the pressure in the tank and the atmospheric pressure to avoid possible cavitation phenomena.

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