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Basket filter canister - filter basket - filter basket - basket filter
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Filter cylinder series: basket type filter cylinder

Other areas also known as: basket filter cylinder, basket filter cylinder, filter basket, filter basket, basket filter and other materials: galvanized iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum

Raw materials: stainless steel punching net, stainless steel plate net, stainless steel embossed net (for protection net), stainless steel filter net (for filter net), metal sheet, metal wire (for flange and handle).

Structure features: with handle. Single-layer, double-layer, single-layer structure is a layer of high strength and hard metal mesh (punching mesh, steel plate mesh, ginning mesh) welded into a cylinder, the cylinder body and flange, wire combination welding: double-layer structure is: a layer of protective mesh outside, a layer of filter mesh inside, welded flange and handle. It is mainly composed of nozzle, main pipe, filter basket, flange, flange cover and fastener, etc. When the fluid enters the filter basket through the main pipe, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, and the clean fluid is discharged from the filter outlet through the filter basket. When it is necessary to clean, unscrew the bottom plug of the main pipe, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, and remove the filter basket. Clean and reload production process: cutting, stamping, shearing, bending, rolling, welding, grinding, polishing Surface treatment: polishing, galvanizing, chrome plating.

Application: Suitable for filtration of petroleum, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industries.

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