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Melt-blown filter element

Melt-blown filter element

Melt-blown filter element is a kind of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene as raw material, after heating and melting, spraying, traction, receiving molding and made of filter material.

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Product presentation

Material: Polypropylene glass fiber pp

Filter form: Folding filter

Working pressure: 1/5/25/70MPa

Working medium: water

Suitable for: precision filter water treatment system

The filter element of the security filter is a kind of filter material made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene as raw material, which is heated and melted, sprayed, drawn and received. pp filter element has a deep filter structure of uniform pore size, thin outside and dense inside, and has the excellent characteristics of high filtration efficiency and acid and alkali resistance. It can effectively remove impurities such as suspended matter, particles and rust in the liquid.

Features of security filter element:

(1) The diameter of the filter element is dense and uniform, and the filtration efficiency is high. Because the particles will bridge in the filter hole, the particles smaller than the hole can also be blocked, and the filtration efficiency is more than 98%.

(2) Its own cleanliness is high, no pollution to water quality.

(3), acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion

(4), high strength, when the filter inlet and outlet pressure difference is 0.4mpa, the filter element is not deformed.

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